Welcome to Zayo’s CALNET website! Zayo provides mission critical bandwidth to California organizations taking public service to its next level. Just-in-time communication between California organizations and the public they serve has ushered in a digital transformation that demands a network infrastructure up to the task.

Products Offered

  • Category 20 – MPLS, VPN and Converged VoIP
  • Category 23 – Metropolitan Area Network Ethernet
  • Category 24 – Flat Rate Internet Services
  • Category 25 – Sustained Bandwidth Internet Services

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Rose Tullius

Senior Account Director

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Fitzcurby (“Fitz”) Bent

Senior Solution Engineer

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Vincent Crate

Customer Success Manager / Contract Program Manager

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Ordering Address

11344 Coloma Road, Suite 190, Gold River, CA, 95670

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Toll-Free Hotline: 866 480 4048